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Hair Loss Specialists / Trichologists in Wexford

The Hair Clinic first opened it’s doors in 2005 and in that time has treated over 17,500 patients suffering from a range of hair loss conditions with many from Wexford and across southeast Ireland.

We are situated conveniently and discreetly in Parnell Street, Waterford, less than half an hour from New Ross and easily accessible within the hour to the whole of Wexford.

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Men’s and women’s hair loss

At The Hair Clinic we understand that hair loss in whatever form can be devastating for both men and women of all ages.

Statistics show that around 50% of women and 66% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 60.

There are many different causes and reasons for hair loss and it is important to try and identify the cause of your hair loss / thinning. Therefore it is vital to consult with an experienced Trichologist at the earliest possible time to prevent any further loss and increase the chances of restoring your hair.

In many cases, surgery is not necessary or pragmatic as it is imperative to stop the existing hair loss and strengthen and thicken the hair to prevent further loss.

What treatments do we offer?

We are a results based clinic so it is imperative to us that you get the best treatment possible to suit your individual circumstances. We offer a wide range of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical to patients in Wexford and surrounding areas.

  • LLLT (Low level Laser Therapy)
  • Medication
  • FUE Surgery

Our Staff

All of our staff are extremely experienced and have worked for the company for at least 10 years, and in the hair loss industry for over 2 decades. We are professional but at the same time extremely caring and empathetic so you are in safe hands.

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Men’ Hair Loss
Women’s Hair Loss

Success stories

Before and after women’s hair loss

"Hair loss has been a problem for me for 5 years, getting steadily more noticeable until my family have started to comment, as a 22 year old girl this has affected my confidence quite badly.

I spoke with the clinic and commenced treatment early this year. I am so happy with the results as the shedding has stopped and my hair looks the best it has for years. I would also like to say how wonderful the staff are there and nothing is too much trouble."
Before and after women’s hair loss

"I have renal failure and as a result have experienced a lot of hair loss. As a nurse I did a lot of research before deciding on this course of treatment.

It requires commitment and patience but after 6 months it paid off. I had very good response to treatment and my hair was thicker and healthier than prior to treatment. I highly recommend The Hair Clinic and I am thrilled with the results, thank you Gino and Mark."
Before and after men’s hair loss

"I am 23 and started noticing hair loss about 2 years ago. It was never extreme or noticeable to anyone else however having noticed it myself I had to start now before it had gotten too far.

After 9 months of treatment I have noticed much less hair falling out than before and believe this treatment has put a halt in the balding process. I am very pleased with the results and during the treatment the staff were fantastic organising the sessions."

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