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Why am I losing my hair?

There are many different reasons a person can experience hair loss, from increased cortisol levels caused by stress and trauma, hormonal changes in the body including thyroid imbalances. However the vast majority of hair loss is genetic.

My father and grandfather are bald, will I go bald?

Not necessarily but the more history of hair loss you have on both sides of the family the more chance you have of losing your hair.

What treatment is most suitable for me?

A consultation is important so that the reason for your hair loss can be established, only then can a suitable treatment be recommended.

How successful are your treatments at stopping hair loss?

In clinical trials carried out in the US, the treatments we use are successful in stopping hair loss in 94% of patients that undergo treatment.

Are the treatments safe and are they painful?

Yes, all treatments are FDA approved as having no side effects and are not painful.

Are the treatments suitable for men and women of all ages?

Yes, the treatments are suitable for men and women of any age.

When will I see results?

Hair is cyclical so it takes time to grow but depending on the treatment you have, results can be seen in as little as 12 weeks. For the hair to be at its thickest can take between 9-12 months.

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